Mediacongress «The Commonwealth of Journalists» and the Russian Union of Journalists invite to the the Hermitage young authors, editors, photographers of traditional and digital media, film-crews of TV channels, documentary filmmakers, media experts, as well as bloggers and independent journalists to join the work of the forum.

Take a tour of the Forum's page, using special points-hints on the right. We hope that getting to know this project closer, you will be eager to become a participant of this huge media event. Looking forward to meeting you in Saint-Petersburg
from 24 to 26 of November!
For the past 14 years «Dialogue of Cultures» has been remaining one of the biggest platforms located in Russia, where representatives of the international media space from more than 30 countries meet every year. Joining the work of the Forum you become a part of a huge media event: try to find by joint effort the answers on the media challenges, present your own transboundary projects, aimed at overcoming the conflicts between representatives of different cultures and confessions, adopt experience of colleagues from other countries and find new friends in profession.
documentary film
The program of the Forum is very diverse and is aimed not only at the representatives of registered in their country media, but also at independent journalists, photographers, filmmakers, bloggers, editors of Internet-portals or another digital-media outlets. Every participant could express his opinion on the up-to-date changes in the media space, present openly his own professional achievements in different formats, it could be: an article in a newspaper or magazine, TV-spot, a documentary film, series of photographs or a cross-border multimedia project.
Conditions for participation and practical information
  1. There is no extra participation fee;
  2. Transportation is covered by the participant or his/her sending organization;
  3. Accommodation is covered by the participant or his/her sending organization. Hotel «Oktyabrskaya», from which there are free transfers to Hermitage, offers special discount prices for participants during the Forum's work (23.11-26.11, check in after 14.00, check out till 12.00). If you choose this type of accommodation, please mark it in your application form in a corresponding field together with the category of the room, and we will book it for you.
Single room:
2700 rubles a day per person (including the discount, including breakfast).
Double room:
1575 rubles a day per person (including the discount, including breakfast).

*there is an extra one-time fee of 220 rubles per person to pay by foreign residents while checking in.
Select the Dialogue's Section
More detailed description of the Dialogue's Sections you could find here. Please note that you could also join the Forum as the audience member.
Download and prepare your Application form
The deadline for submission depends on the selected section. Please follow the technical requirements while preparing your photographic and video materials for sending.
Submit your
Send it to our e-mail: info.mediacongress@gmail.com
or use a simple application form.
Your photo and video files have to be send as a link on a cloud storage, please do not forget to share the access to let us check your works.
Application Deadlines
General applications: 20.11.2020 (23.59 Moscow Time);
Joining the practical conference as a speaker/ presenting a cross-border project : 28.10.2020 (23.59 Moscow Time)
Photo and video projects: 15.10.2020 (23.59 Moscow Time);
Topics for shootings (State Hermitage Museum/ St. Petersburg and neighbouring areas): 20.10.2020 (23.59 Moscow Time)
Contact information
Name and Surname
Date of birth
Country, city
Place of work/ study
Website, position
Your contact number
Your E-mail
Links on your social media accounts
Booking of your accommodation
Do you need accommodation?
If your answer is positive, please point an exact date and time of your arrival/ departure, room category (for a double-room, please indicate the name of the participant with whom you are going live)
Passport details
Your role in the work of the Forum
Do you want to take part in the international journalistic festival of documentary films and TV-spots and/ or photo exhibition united by a common theme «Here I Live»?
– Single photo or series of photographs;
– Videoclip, TV-spot, documentary film; web-series
Deadline for submission is October 15, 2020 (23:59 Moscow time)
If your answer on the previous question was positive, please fill in the name of the project and give its short description (the full-length info should be submitted via cloud storage)
Link on your work(s) via cloud storage (WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.)
Would you like to join the practical conference and/ or present your cross-border project in its framework?
Deadline for submission (description of your presentation/ your cross-project) is October 28, 2020 (23:59 Moscow time)
Please fill in a theme of your presentation or the name of your project
«A cross-border project» means that representatives of media, non-profit organizations, independent journalists of one country are interacting with their foreign colleagues. This joint work is aimed at professional and cultural exchange between two or more countries involved in this project.
Please indicate a theme of your shootings at the halls and/or storages of the State Hermitage Museum
NB! Themes of the reports have to be submitted by the October 20, 2020 to be preliminary agreed on with the corresponding Department of the State Hermitage Museum.
How did you get to know about the Forum?
By submitting your application, you agree with the processing of your personal data.
Technical requirements PHOTO
Please send us your works till October the 15th, 2020.

  • Send your photographic material in full resolution to be able to print it in high quality) to the following e-mail: info.mediacongress@gmail.com (with all supplementary info listed below);
  • Formats of files – either JPEG or TIFF (all layers must be merged);
  • The resolution is 200 or 400 dpi.
    *Attention! With any other resolution, the size of the print changes;
  • Color model sRBG IEC 61966-2.1.
    *Attention! With a different file profile, the color of the print changes;
  • Bit 8 bits per color, no alpha channels;
  • Your photographic works should NOT have any frames, author's signs, boxes, etc.;
  • The works for should contain the following information:
    Name and brief description in English;
    Captions (mentioning the place and time of shooting);
  • The Organizing Committee of the Media-Forum is taking care of printing, framing and hanging of the works.
Technical requirements VIDEO
Please send us your works till October the 15th, 2020.

  • Videos, TV spots and documentary films (format MOV, codec H264) should be send in advance to the e-mail: info.mediacongress@gmail.com (please send as a link on a share site with a free access (WeTransfer, for example), do not forget to indicate the name of your TV-spot, the list of the main authors and to enclose a small annotation – all in English);
  • The duration of the TV-spots is up to 3 minutes, documentary films – up to 13 minutes;
  • Videos should be provided with subtitles in English.
Authors of the documentary films should also present supplementary materials listed below (please send as a link on a share site with a free access (WeTransfer, for example)):
  • Trailer
  • Poster(file jpg.)
  • Several stills from the film
  • Backstage(photo or video)
  • Director's photo (colored photo, in a good quality, portrait is preferable)
  • Film-crew (give a short-list)
  • List of festivals and screenings (if applicable)
If any questions occur regarding the Forum's program and conditions for participation, please contact us by e-mail or use
the form below!
+7 (495) 637-77-70, 637-52-91