Practical Conference
Tell about your journalistic project to the whole world, learn about the format of the work of the foreign editorial offices and ask masters of journalism questions on topics you are interested in
As a tradition the work will start with a practical conference in the Hermitage Theater, where the participants of the Forum will hear at first hand from their colleagues, with what kind of challenges the journalism meets in different countries, and they will talk about the ways of overcoming conflicts and confrontation between the representatives of different cultures and confessions in a modern media space.
New Forum New Topics
Future is for the universal journalists, who are bound to create a convergent quality content.
This year we will continue our dialogue about the new formats of dialogue on digital-platforms and social media, the role of bloggers in the media space. The participants will discuss the opportunities of the modern digital platforms in the implementation of dialogue of cultures and the ways of journalistic projects' promotion in the global internet space. During the open discussion they will try to get the answers, which can help to overcome the current problems, related, for example, to fake news' extension in social media, and to determine the future ways the modern mass media are going to follow.

In 2018, in the framework of web seminars held at the General Staff Building, Gleb Federov, deputy editor-in-chief of the portal Russia Beyond told how the humorous content could help to attract and maintain the audience. RB is an Internet-media, which comes out on 14 languages, and remains one of the most popular platforms about Russia abroad not least because of the self-irony of its authors. The project's team in its long reads and YouTube-videos make a play with the stereotypes about Russia, real and fake ones. That is how the facts about their motherland, which are sometimes distorted by the foreign media, are told in an easy way.
Gleb Fedorov (Russia)
An excerpt from the documentary film «Monologues about Dialogue
Daniel Mayrit (Spain)
An excerpt from the documentary film «Monologues about Dialogue»

Daniel Mayrit, curator of the multimedia exhibitions from Madrid, presented «The Great Wall of Memes», which documents our online-experience, at the «Dialogue of Cultures-2018». After being loaded to the Internet-space these images gain new meanings. A person could react on the message typing a comment, but he could also enclose a meme that will reflect metaphorically his attitude to what is happening at the very moment.
Every participant will be able to present its own cross-border multimedia project, aimed at preservation and development strong professional relations between Russia and foreign countries. It is possible, that during the Forum some of participants will find like-minded friends, who can understand and support the idea of the new project and also help to embody it after the Media-Forum.
What is a cross-border multimedia project?
You are welcomed to present a cross-border multimedia project aimed at maintaining close connections with Russia and professional intercommunication with its journalists in the scope of one particular theme. It should be a multimedia project which means that this collaborative work supposed to appear as internet-portal (special project presented as a long read), mobile application, social media page, account, YouTube channel.
Sign for a huge contribution to the dialogue of cultures
A survey to detect Russian journalists, media projects and cultural figures, who has contributed the most to the dialogue of cultures, is annually held before the «Dialogue» supported by the Romir research holding among more than1000 respondents.

In the framework of the Forum the winners in each nomination are presented with a sign «For a huge contribution to the dialogue of cultures» on behalf of the International journalistic community and the State Hermitage Museum. The sign looks like a paragraph mark which is denoting a new thought, a new stage. A paragraph mark is an electronic symbol, but it begins its history from a medieval manuscript books. And a modern online journalism relies on the principles of a print one. This symbol is universal and international, as the Media Forum is.
The latest award-winning journalists, cultural figures and media:

Vladimir Pozner, independent journalist (for the art of dialogue),
Johan Vanderplaetse, the president of Schneider Electric in Russia and CIS (for the dialogue between business communities of Russia and Europe),
the Channel 5, TV program «The Day of Good Things» (for the new formats of dialogue with society),
Vladimir Spivakov, leading Soviet and Russian conductor and violinist best known for his work with the Moscow Virtuosi chamber orchestra (for the art of dialogue).