Journalists of all countries are invited to the State Hermitage Museum.

International Media Forum "Dialogue of Cultures»
18.11.2013 Moscow. Participants in the Academy of Arts.
IX International Media-Forum "Dialogue of Cultures". 19.11.2014, State Hermitage Museum: 340 participants, 30 countries, 42 regions of Russia.
Eman Helal (Egypt) giving interview to a TV-channel talking about her photographs exhibited
in the General Stuff Building during the International photo-exhibition «The way I live», November 2015.
«Hermitage here and now» – professional selfies of the participants of the Media-Forum.
Special event was held in the frame of IX Dialogue of Cultures in 2014.
Mikhail Piotrovsky, director-general of the State Hermitage Museum addresses with an
opening remarks to the participants of IX «Dialogue of Cultures». Hermitage Theater, November 2014.
X International Media-Forum "Dialogue of Cultures". 19.11.2015, State Hermitage Museum: 380 participants, 38 countries, 60 regions of Russia.
Live broadcast from Moscow. Maria Zakharova, director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
Russia Information and Press Department, answers the participants’ questions, November 2015.
Ashot Dzhazoyan, president of Mediacongress, talks to Vladimir Pozner, who was just
awarded with a sign «For a huge contribution to the “Dialogue of Cultures in 2015».
Ricardo Marquina (Spain) presents his multimedia project «Oktyabrsky – the death of the
neighborhood», November 2015.


  The XI Annual International Media-Forum of young journalists of Eurasia «Dialogue of Cultures» will be held from 22th to 23rdof November in Saint-Petersburg.

  Media-Forum «Dialogue of Cultures» from year to year is becoming more and more important platform for intercommunication between the representatives of Media from different countries.

  There were 380 journalists from 38 countries and 60 regions of Russian Federation registered at the Anniversary «Dialogue of Cultures» in 2015.  The location of the event – the State Hermitage museum – is chosen not by chance, as this is the place, in its halls, where the dialogue between different countries and nations has already being lead for 250 years.Having worked their way of hundreds and thousands of kilometers, and having reached the station called «Hermitage», young journalists regardless their age or nationality  become the part of the biggest media event  trying to find by joint effort the answers on the media challenges, creating own transboundary projects, adopting experience of colleagues from other countries and making long-term new acquaintances. 

  We are glad to invite young correspondents, film-crews of TV-companies, editors and media-experts to take part in the work of the Media-Forum. This little journey to the Northern capital will hopefully help your professional development. «Dialogue of Cultures» is the place where you meet gurus of international journalism, and also practical journalists from different countries including representatives of Russian media who will try to dispel stereotypes entrenched in the media space of some EU countries generated by sanctions and elite political classes’ competition.

  The program of the Forum is very diverse and it is aimed not only at the representatives of registered in their country media, but also at independent journalists, photographers, filmmakers, bloggers, editors of Internet-portals or another analogue outlets.  Every participant could express his opinion on the up-to-date changes in the media space, openly open present his own professional achievements, as follows: an article in a newspaper or magazine, TV-spot, a documentary film or series of photographs.


  In the frame of the Media-Forum there will be:


       -  Practical conference in the Hermitage Theater ;

         - Photo exhibition of the participant’s works titled «Here I live» in the General Staff Building;

       - Festival of documentaries with the same theme «Here I live»


  Our work will start o 22nd of November with a practical conference in the Hermitage Theater, where young journalists will hear straight from the horse’s mouth what problems journalism in the countries of their colleagues is faced with, and will discuss the issue of overcoming conflicts between the representatives of different cultures and confessions inmodern media. They will try to receive in an open discussion the answers that will help to eliminate the problems that exist and to outline the paths modern media is going to follow. It is important because it is young journalists, have started the dialogue in the Hermitage’s halls, that will be forming a public opinion in the nearest future having become the leaders of the media space of Eurasia.

  Every participant will be able to present his own cross-border multimedia project. Maybe, some of the participants will manage to find like-minded person during the work of the Forum, who will be likely to understand and support the idea of a new project; and is ready to bring it to like after the ending of «Dialogue of Cultures».

  The participants of the Forum will also have a brilliant opportunity to shoot in the halls and storages of the State Hermitage museum and also to create, with the support of the organizing committee, to film their own report about Saint-Petersburg.

  For the past 10 years of Forum’s existence there have been made thousands of articles, reports, photographs reflecting the life of the city and the State Hermitage. Dozens of short-films form the basis for the documentary film «Hermitage with Love». This film, which had a premiere in 2015, received high recognition abroad; and now it is planned to make a sequel of this film inthe creation of which young journalists that will come to the XI «Dialogue of Cultures» could take part.

  «Culture is the very thing that makes us different. And here is the one main commandment for the young journalist to remember: it is the dialogue that could help us to understand another culture, to understand that it is different, different from ours», – noticed Ashot Dzhazoyan, president of the Mediacongress «The commonwealth of journalists». 


  To join the work of the Media-Forum and to receive more detailed information regarding the program of the upcoming XI «Dialogue of Cultures», please send us filled application to our e-mail:



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   We are always happy to answer all your questions arose regarding the work of the Forum! We will also be very thankful if you tell us your thoughts and suggestions for the main topics of «Dialogue of Cultures» − that will definitely help us to form the agenda of the Forum together. 

More info about the Media-Forum – Useful links:

Documentary film «Hermitage with Love» TRAILER



The organizing committee of the Media-Forum «Dialogue of Cultures»
Ashot Dzhazoyan, the chairman of the Mediacongress «The Commonwealth of journalists» council