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International Media Forum "Dialogue of Cultures»
18.11.2013 Moscow. Participants in the Academy of Arts.
VIII "Dialogue of Cultures" at the Hermitage:
310 participants, 30 countries and 40 regions of Russia, 37 crews, 73 photojournalist
"European mediaklass 2013»:
participants learn the secrets of photography and La Rambla. Barcelona.
European mediaklass 2012: seven days and nights in Prague -
thousand and one secret masters of the profession of journalism from the Czech Republic and Russia!
Participants Mediaklassa in Barcelona after the "smart vacation"
with international certificates. July 31, 2013.
Jury "Best in Profession" in 2011.
Annual Media Forum "At the foot of Mount Ararat»:
journalists in Geghard.
Media Forum Russian media "at the foot of Mount Ararat»:
in tandoor in the village of Garni
International Competition "The best in the profession»:
laureates and winners of 2011.

380 participants from 38 countries and 60 regions of Russia.

    Young journalists gathered for the 10th time in Saint-Petersburg to discuss how should behave a modern journalist in the era of globalization, to share their professional experience and to tell in more detail about the way of life and traditions of their country. The organizers of the Forum see its main purpose in creating the conditions for the objective perception of the events happening in Russia. This Media-Forum gains more and more recognition by (in) the International journalistic society: this year 380 participants from 38 countries and 60 regions of Russia were accredited. For the first time our colleagues from Crimea and Sevastopol come to the Forum as the representatives of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.


 Ashot Dzhazoyan, the chairman of the Mediacongress council, pointed that the Forum is dialectic. «On the one hand, it is conservative, protecting the differences between cultures that make their own grid of values, moving away somehow from the theory of the global united geopolitical and cultural space. On the other hand, it’s progressive in attracting young people to make a model of the new world that would be tolerant to the multicultural, interethnic and interfaith existence of the humankind». Practical conference is one of the most important parts of the Media-Forum «Dialogue of Cultures». For the last 10 years young journalists had been gathering inside Hermitage’s walls to discuss themes connected with the modern media challenge, development of the new technologies in the media space, they try to decide questions of overcoming the conflicts and confrontation between different cultures and confessions in Mass-Media. This year is not an exception: «Dialogue of Cultures» started on the 18th of November with a practical conference. «Old dogmas, stereotypes in Mass-Media of Eurasia and the New generation of journalists. Confrontation or dialogue?» – that was a theme of the first session.



«National identity and the dialogue of cultures in media space» – the theme of the second session. Journalists were looking forward to this session, because it consisted mainly of the speeches of foreign colleagues. This year there were more foreign spokesmen then representatives of Russian journalism. Colleagues from Great Britain, Vietnam, Spain, Argentina, India and Turkey make presentations during the second session of the Forum.  This session was dedicated to the review of the transboundary multimedia projects.

The first day of the X International Media-Forum «Dialogue of Cultures» ended with a presentation of media-projects «The way I live» in the Oktyabrskaya Hotel.

In the frame of the Forum on 19th of November there was an opening of an International photo exhibition «The way I live» in the Youth centre of the General Stuff Building, where 45 works of young journalists from 35 countries of Europe and Asia were presented. The opening ceremony was held by

The opening ceremony was held by the chairman of the Mediacongress council Ashot Dzhazoyan and the photographer and artist of the State Hermitage museum Yuri Molokodets. For the first time Russian journalist had an opportunity to see the authors works of their young colleagues from Austria, Argentina, Germany, Egypt, France, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Italy, Spain, China, Serbia, Syria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Scotland and Belgium. 

In the afternoon participants of the Forum moved to the Hermitage Theater, where the third Forum’s session «Global information space and Russian Media» was held.

The concluding part of the session was an afterward, where Vladimir Pozner appeared. According to a survey of the research group Romir, it is Vladimir Pozner who made a huge influence on the development of the intercultural dialogue; his name has been on the top of a short-list over the past five years. Ashot Dzhazoyan awarded him with a sign «For a huge contribution to the “Dialogue of Cultures”» on behalf of the International journalistic community and the State Hermitage. «Maybe, the only thing why I deserve the award are my films about different countries», - commented his award Vladimir Pozner. It became known that his film «The Jewish happiness» would be released in January. He also gave an opinion about journalism: «The only duty of a journalist – to the extent it is possible (as we are all people, not the robots) objectively, faithfully and fully inform the audience. Journalists don’t have any other duty. The audience will find out by themselves what is good and what is not – there is no need to explain it».

«Literaturnaya gazeta» also received a sign «For a huge contribution to the “Dialogue of Cultures”». Vladimir Shemshuchenko – a personal correspondent on a North-West region of Russian Federation thanked Ashot Dzhazoyan and summarized: «Journalist must always remain a person. The main thing is to think – this is what we are given this great ability for».

After the Awarding ceremony all the participants of the Forum were given scarves in sign of admission to the Hermitage commonwealth. Ashot Dzhazoyan said a thank you word to all presented journalists for participation. «Today was a very important meeting встреча – a meeting with Hermitage. Dialogue of cultures», - with these words ended the second day of the Forum.