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The multimedia photo exhibition and the premiere screening of a documentary film about the dwellers of the Leningrad Region - the result of the work of an international team, which included digital journalists, documentary filmmakers, photographers and bloggers, were presented in Vyborg as part of the XXIX Russian Film Festival "Window to Europe".


Echo of the "Dialogue"

What was the Forum like this year?
We recall the brightest moments of the XV International Media Forum "Dialogue of Cultures", which, despite COVID-19 and distance, gathered more than 200 journalists from different countries of the world in the State Hermitage.


Meet the participants of
the Dialogue of Cultures

Journalists, photographers, documentary filmmakers and bloggers from various countries presented their projects from 14 to 15 of April 2021 in the Hermitage Theater and the General Staff Building.

Voices in the media space that have to be heard.

Every week we publish interviews, long reads, photo and video works of journalists from all over the world.
Share your ideas on this online platform and find like-minded from another cities or even countries who will help you in launching them.
«20 simple rules of the journalist during the pandemic», 08.06.2020
These two months spent in self-isolation, we did not feel alone. Journalists, photographers, filmmakers and bloggers from all over the world, united by a common misfortune, have become closer than ever. They shared their tips, observations, findings, thoughts and experiences on the pages of our portal. In this longread we've gathered the highlights learned from the pandemic, after which we will never be the same as before.
Can a face mask hide your emotions? A documentary filmmaker from Argentina, Mercedes Cordova, captured on her 35mm camera the bystanders she met on the deserted streets of Buenos Aires. Try to guess from which photos they are smiling at you?
Can a face mask hide your emotions? A documentary filmmaker from Argentina, Mercedes Cordova, captured on her 35mm camera the bystanders she met on the deserted streets of Buenos Aires. Try to guess from which photos they are smiling at you?
«I think I've made the worst polish raviolis earth ever seen. But is there a better time to fail recipe?»

Aspiring artist from Paris Julie Coulon about the quarantine, inspiration and home city, that she has been getting re-acquainted with by photographing it.
«Portrait of egypt in the time of corona», 07.05.2020
Photojournalist Roger Anis has been taking pictures of the changes taking place in and around Cairo for more than a month after the first cases of COVID-19 infection appeared in the country and the state borders were closed. Never before has a megapolis with a population of more than 20 million people, lively both day and night, been like this.
«see you in zoom», 05.05.2020
Sara Bertuccioli, editor-inchief of Mashable Italy, about the pros and cons of the remote work and the changes in the editorial Line under the COVID-19 influence.
«Capitals out-of-vogue», 29.04.2020
Susanna Ingignoli had moved to Paris chasing her dream, 2 months later coronavirus broke out. Now, when the borders are closed, she is studying remotely at the faculty of communication design, tries to devote even more time than before the pandemic to her relatives, who are living in a small village in Piedmont, one of the most suffering regions in Italy, and anxiously looking into the future.
«remember me even like this», 27.04.2020
A lot of photographers are currently left without assignments, but still find their duty to document things happening around. This kind of Belgrade that was caught by the members of the Kamerades photo collective during the coronavirus pandemic.
«Plugging out to plug in», 24.04.2020
Gohar Ter-Hakobyan, Digital Communication Officer at International Committee of the Red Cross (Armenia), about searching of the new meanings in self-isolation and returning to her passion — photography.
«smile more against all odds», 23.04.2020
It turns out that quarantine is when you drink rakija online with your friends and walk... a sheep!

Photojournalist Georgi Kozhuharov shared hilarious stories of self-isolation and told about the photo project, inspired by the Vavi-Sabi philosophy, on which he is working at home.
«TRAPPED IN PARIS (ALONE)», 22.04.2020
Nathaniel Drew, a bloger from USA, decided to move to Paris for an uncertain time, but this very moment the government of France decided to further tighten of measures of a social isolation. Will it be possible for a young man to adapt to the new life-conditions or he will have to leave probably «the most beautiful city in the world»?
«thinking alone», 20.04.2020
«We just need to learn how to see and not to miss the chances that social isolation gives us».

Anastasiа Kuznetsova, PhD student of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, about her experience of self-isolation in Italy.
«Lockdown in Copenhagen. Engrossing self-isolation», 16.04.2020
From Wednesday 15th of April the youngest kids have been sent back to school and daycare, the people have mixed reaction. The 11-year-old cousin of Gertrud Sparre-Ulrich wrote that he hates the thought of going back to school as he «doesn't want to die».

Gertrud herself keeps being on self-isolation, and even finds some perks in this situation: she works remotely as an assistant film producer, devotes her time to personal projects and reflects on how the pandemic might change the ways we distribute films in the future.

«family photo album of self-isolation», 09.04.2020
Rafael Trapiello lives in Madrid, a zero zone of epidemic in Spain. He moved to a country house with his family almost a month ago, even before the official announcement of a quarantine by the government.
Since the scheduled assignments were postponed for an uncertain period, for the moment photographer is planning new projects abroad, and documents everything happening around with a hope to a rapid world's recovery from the pandemic.
«City exit: Norway's hazmat booksellers», 06.04.2020
New video story of Kyrre Lien, a freelance photographer and documentarian from Norway, about the changes in the work of a small bookstore in Oslo after a quarantine enforcing. Now it's owners deliver books on their own, wearing hazmat, to make their readers happy and to remind once again about the importance of following the measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
«Keep calm and stay home» (Lithuania), 31.03.2020
Photographer Adas Vasiliauskas used a drone to take funny photos of Lithuanians who are self-isolated in their homes, and reminded again of the importance of keeping social distancing and, of course, positive mood during the coronavirus pandemic.
«The Hermitage lives, works and wins», 29.03.2020
The State Hermitage has been holding daily live streams in social media from March 17, 2020. 19 series came off so far, and generated more than 4,5 million hits.

Hermitage's staff prepared a special gift for the Italian subscribers — an online tour around the halls of the Winter Palace in Italian.

Heart charity, 23.10.2019
The activist with a southern character and St. Petersburg's creative Darya Smirnova holds stylish charity sales #Сердешныйбазар, dreaming of making good deeds attractive and helping each other as a sense of life.
Anna Slavyanova, an employee of the media communications department of the Astrakhan social center «Sodeistvie»
Invented by Daria Smirnova, «Heart Bazaars» have become very popular in Astrakhan. The money raised goes to charity.
«I shot in Bobrovka how they chop wooden houses, do horse breeding, grow potatoes, wash in a Russian bathhouse and many other authentic aspects of life in the village».
Alexey Malgavko, photojournalist
Russified Latvians live here. They consider themselves Russian, although they still keep some traditions of their ancestors.
African volunteer, 04.10.2019
«I try to help everywhere! For me, the task is to be useful. We are located in a slum area, so there are a lot of children. Every day I meet them on the street, they run up to greet, shake hands or hug. We have our own shelter, I go often there, speak to children or walk with them».
Nadezhda Uvarova, correspondent for the newspaper «Argumenty i Fakty»
20-year-old student from Chelyabinsk Kirill Dzhigun has been living in the slums for six months in one of the poorest African countries and saving Kenyan children from hunger, poverty and illness.
MAN OF THE SUN, 02.10.2019
«I realized that it was necessary to shoot, which would inspire me at first. So I watched it, and understood, like, wow, how cool! It was important for me that I wanted to act in film and to act again».
Natalia Zobnina, editor-in-chief of the international project «NAME»

The protagonist of the project is a young man. Nick Frank - was born and raised in Samara. Today he is moving in a special direction - the direction of androgyny. His Nicole is literally a bomb of beauty.
TANYA AND KAMAZ, 16.09.2019
«I went to university. But it brought me nothing. Only lost 4 years of life. It would be better if I immediately get in a KAMAZ. I do not like to remember this time».
Nadezhda Uvarova, correspondent for the newspaper «Argumenty i Fakty»

An amazing story about a girl who, on the eve of March 8, dreams not of a new dress, but of a more advanced KAMAZ model. 23-year-old Muscovite Tatyana Khusyainova works as a truck driver. For her, this is a dream job.
taste italy, 15.08.19
«Not all the guests of the Italian capital come to visit the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, or Piazza Navona. Up to 5 million migrants come to Italy every year, with one fifth settling in Rome...»
Maria Madyrova, the participant of the «Roman Mediavacations» program
The focus of Maria Madyrova's research is food places of the Russian-speaking community in Rome, which is one of the biggest here in Rome.
LITTLe survivor, 19.07.19
«While I photographed this child, my thoughts were focused on his future and on the fact that he would have to go through the turbulent life-span to make up for this horrible tragedy that struck him...»
Nemanja Pancic, photographer
The Serbian documentary photographer told us about the subjective approach in photography, about uniting like-minded people and how to find stories correctly.
«The viewer will make a journey to Italy, which he will see with the eyes of the Italian directors...»
Rino Sciarretta, executive producer of the Festival
On the 8th of June at the Central House of Documentary films there was held an Opening Ceremony «ITALIAN DOC FEST». The Organizers of the festival, Istituto Luce Cinecittà, brought 7 new documentary films – pieces of Italian life – and presented them to the Russian audience.
women out of time, 20.06.19
"Through "THE CHARACTERS", I travel in the present, while investigating the past..."
Tonje Bøe Birkeland, photographer and traveler, Norway
In the project, Tonje talks about the unusual fate of women. Her heroines move in pristine territory: in front of them loom grand exploration; beneath them, history is formed.
«Let's see what happened next»
Anvar Galeev, photographer, Russia
Agreed meeting under the slogan «Justice for everyone» took place in Moscow on Sakharov avenue June, 16. Firstly the meeting was planned like an action to support a reporter of «Meduza» Ivan Golunov who was impreasond on charges of attempted drugs distribution. After the liberation of Ivan Golunov organizators have changed the slogan into «Law and justice for everyone».
Wind on a country road, 06/14/19
"People, where are you all going?"– sometimes you want to shout with irritation peculiar to the citizen.
Oleg Rukavitsyn, photographer, Orenburg
The wind is there like it was centuries before. Once on the only central street you stand and look around. There is no hurry as it is in big cities.
New plastic road, 06/13/19
"We wanted to make a project which could reveal the untold story ..."
Myrto Papadopulos, Greece
In her works Myrto tries to show something important, to plunge into topics related to gender, identity and social problems. "New plastic road" (reference to the Great Silk Road) project reflects wide socio-economic situation showing life of those people who was affected by this road.
Emergency housing 06/11/19
«Many times I returned home without a photograph, but knowing I had taken an extra step for my project»
Michele Cirillo, photographer, Italy
There are many unresolved social problems in Rome, such as emergency houses. The project «Insulae», which became a book, a photo report, and a documentary video, tells the viewer about what makes sense for the author. He grew up in a public house and saw the situation from the inside.
Heaven that used to be hell, 06/10/19
«To see the White Sea frozen, to be more intimate with the people of Solovki and to become good friend of some of them is something difficult to forget»
Rafael Trapiello, photographer, Spain
We congratulate our Spanish colleagues with the release of their photo book «Solovki», they have been working on since 2015. Have a look at the talented vision of Russian remote territories, so different from the spanish photographers' motherland and, therefore, charming.
INTERVIEW, 05/31/19
Gohar Ter-Hakobyan
Photographer, content-manaher at International Committee of the Red Cross, Armenia
«I've never learned photography. Since I was a child I was surrounded by beauty. We had many books and journals about art, cinema and photography at home».
Agitfarfor in London, 05/28/19
Profile Russia, UK
In 1976 the second auction house of CHRISTIE'S was opened in London. The first one was opened in Geneva in 1969. Nowadays London department's bidding take place twice a year offering the opportunity to see famous collections of russian art. Collectors love to buy masterpieces. Department museum exposition includes Faberge eggs, porcelain with propaganda images on it and pictures of prominent artists.
postcards for daddy, 05/22/19
Oksana Manchuk
photographer, Belarus
Girls who grew up without a dad usually want to share their thoughts and feeings with them. Unfortunately sometimes such a dialogue is impossible but they still wish to be heard. That's why participants of the project "Postcards for dad" (shot by photographer Oksana Manchuk) prepared messages for their fathers which could be sent as a Birthday or Christmas cards. These cards could tell fathers about daughters and remind about their existence.
"Freedom to Vyshinsky", 05/16/19
«I hope that this action will be heard»
Anvar Galeev, photographer, Russia
On the 15th of May 2019 at the Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow was held an action in support of Kirill Vyshinsky, it was visited by a photographer of the Union of Journalists of Russia.
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