I'll tell you all about the Dialogue!
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On this page we've gathered and answered frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the upcoming Dialogue of Cultures. And even if you doubted before, now you are surely ready to join the work of the Media-Forum, are we right? :)
1. Who could become a participant of the Dialogue of Cultures?
The program of the Forum is very diverse and is aimed not only at the representatives of registered in their country media, but also at independent journalists, photographers, filmmakers, travel-bloggers, editors of Internet-portals or another digital-media outlets. Students and applicants of the faculties related to journalism and media communications could also join the work of the «Dialogue».

Anyone from the previously mentioned categories, aged 16-35, and representing any city and country, could apply for the Forum.
2. I would like to become a participant of the Forum. What are my next steps?
To become a part of the Forum you need to fill in a special form on the website. Our team will contact you within a few days after your submission to confirm it or/ and to ask some additional questions. More information about the conditions for participations and technical requirements for your works you could find here.
3. Do I need to pay an accreditation fee?
There is no accreditation fee, but the participants cover travel and accommodation costs on their own (or these costs are covered by their sending organization). However, if the submitted project is marked by the Organizing Committee and/ or the Jury, Mediacongress could cover the Forum's attendance costs.
4. Is there any particular Hotel that will be hosting the participants of the Forum?
Hotel «Oktyabrskaya» is recommended for accommodation by the Organising Committee. It offers special discount prices for participants during the Forum's work (23.11-26.11, check in after 14.00, check out till 12.00). All side events of the Forum are held here, including the Gala dinner (26.11.2020), free transfers to Hermitage, and from / to the airport are also arranged from Oktyabrskaya. If you choose this type of accommodation, please mark it in your application form in a corresponding field together with the category of the room, and we will book it for you.

Single room:
2700 rubles a day per person (including the discount, including breakfast).
Double room:
1575 rubles a day per person (including the discount, including breakfast).

*there is an extra one-time fee of 220 rubles per person to pay by foreign residents while checking in.
5. What are the main venues of the Forum?
Each section of the Forum has its own venue, including:

The Hermitage theater (entrance from the Small Director's entrance: Dvortsovaya embankment, 34) — Practical conference and documentary film festival;
The General Staff building and the Youth Center (entrance from Palace square) — International photo Exhibition «Here I live», webinars and screenings of web series and films created for Internet platforms.

These venues can be visited for free using the badge of a participant of the «Dialogue of Cultures» during the Forum's work 24-26.11.2020.
6. In which format could I present my project?
Works are accepted in different formats. Within the Forum sections, you can present your cross-border multimedia project, photo report, short documentary or TV story, web series, vlog, longread, podcast, blog, etc.

Participants of the Dialogue can share their professional achievements, including their experience of projects successfully implemented during the pandemic, as well as express their opinion on the changes taking place in the modern media space and tell their vision of the new media not only to the colleagues from Russia, but also to journalists and bloggers from other countries.

* Practical conference;
* International photo exhibition «Here I Live»;
* Festival of TV documentaries and reportages «Here I Live»;
* «Hew Platform for the Dialogue» — screenings of web series, vlogs, and movies created for Internet platforms.

You can participate in one section with only one project, however, you can apply for several sections of the program.
7. I don't have a project, may I participate in the work of the Forum as an audience member?
Sure, everyone could be a part of the Forum. Everything you need is just to submit your application on our website.

If you are a media representative and would like to cover the events of the Dialogue, you can get accreditation. You need to register on the website as well.
8. Will be there experts' workshops during the Forum, which are scheduled according to the program?
Series of webinars will take place in the Youth Center of the General Staff Building on 24-25 November. You should pre-register or you also will be able to watch it online. And at 26 November master-classes from foreign participants, including representatives of new media, bloggers, photographers and documentary filmmakers, will take place in Pskov, Viborg and Velikiy Novgorod.
9. What is 'Filming day', which is scheduled in Forum's program for 26 of November?
The «Filming day» gives you an opportunity to create your own project or cooperate with colleagues from different Russian cities and other countries. The project's format is up to you — video or photoshoot, long-form journalism, movie, vlog and etc., all you need is to reveal the topic, which is discussed in advance.

You can shoot at the Hermitage — with your badge, and create reportage about Saint-Petersburg (transfer is provided), Viborg, Velikiy Novgorod and Pskov (transfer is organized by the Mediacongress).
10. Is that compulsory to participate in 'Filming day'?
It is compulsory for those, whose Forum's attendance is covered by the Organizing committee. This form is a kind a report about your work at the Dialogue as its participant. Besides, you are free to create not only a documentary film or TV report, but also make an interview, podcast, create a photoshoot, etc.

We highly recommend you to send us your shooting themes in advance, so we will be able to establish it with the administration of the Hermitage and the cities mentioned above. You should mark in the application form in the special column if you want to make an interview with the Hermitage's workers, or film a hidden life of the museum, or create a project about a certain persons (or community) from Viborg, Velikiy Novgorod and Pskov.

Those who want to film at the Hermitage should also send us a list of equipment and film crew in advance.
11. How can I learn about other projects and participants?
All information about the participants and experts will be available on the event's page in «Program» and «News» sections. If you got an idea of creating a project with a foreign colleague we can help you to get in touch with him/ her.
12. How can I interview an expert, whose speech is scheduled in the Forum program?
We can help you to organize an interview, but we ask you to send us a list of questions and the name of an expert in advance to approve it preliminary.
13. How can I beсome a volunteer of the Forum?
We are always glad to receive your help. At the moment we are looking for volunteers who will work during the Dialogue as photographers, interpreters and administrators (help with the registration of participants, meeting and seeing off guests, etc.). If you want to become a part of our team, please leave a request here.
Application Deadlines
General applications: 20.11.2020 (23.59 Moscow Time);
Joining the practical conference as a speaker/ presenting a cross-border project : 28.10.2020 (23.59 Moscow Time)
Photo and video projects: 01.10.2020 (23.59 Moscow Time);
Topics for shootings (State Hermitage Museum/ St. Petersburg and neighbouring areas) : 01.10.2020 (23.59 Moscow Time)
Contact information
Name and Surname
Date of birth
Country, city
Place of work/ study
Website, position
Your contact number
Your E-mail
Links on your social media accounts
Booking of your accommodation
Do you need accommodation?
If your answer is positive, please point an exact date and time of your arrival/ departure, room category (for a double-room, please indicate the name of the participant with whom you are going live)
Passport details
Your role in the work of the Forum
Do you want to take part in the international journalistic festival of documentary films and TV-spots and/ or photo exhibition united by a common theme «Here I Live»?
– Single photo or series of photographs;
– Videoclip, TV-spot, documentary film; web-series
Deadline for submission is October 1, 2020 (23:59 Moscow time)
If your answer on the previous question was positive, please fill in the name of the project and give its short description (the full-length info should be submitted via cloud storage)
Link on your work(s) via cloud storage (WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.)
Would you like to join the practical conference and/ or present your cross-border project in its framework?
Deadline for submission (description of your presentation/ your cross-project) is October 1, 2020 (23:59 Moscow time)
Please fill in a theme of your presentation or the name of your project
«A cross-border project» means that representatives of media, non-profit organizations, independent journalists of one country are interacting with their foreign colleagues. This joint work is aimed at professional and cultural exchange between two or more countries involved in this project.
Please indicate a theme of your shootings at the halls and/or storages of the State Hermitage Museum
NB! Themes of the reports have to be submitted by the October 1, 2020 to be preliminary agreed on with the corresponding Department of the State Hermitage Museum.
How did you get to know about the Forum?
By submitting your application, you agree with the processing of your personal data.
Дедлайны подачи заявки на участие в Медиа-Форуме (в зависимости от выбранной секции «Диалога»)
Участие в работе Форума в качестве слушателя: 20 ноября (23:59 по московскому времени)
Выступление на практической конференции и/ или представление трансграничного проекта: 28 октября (23:59 по московскому времени)
Фото и Видео: 01 октября (23:59 по московскому времени)
Темы съемок в Эрмитаже: 01 октября (23:59 по московскому времени)
Контактная информация
ФИО на русском языке
ФИ на английском языке
Дата рождения
Страна, город
Место работы/ учебы
Веб-сайт, должность
Ваш контактный телефон
Ваш E-mail
Ссылки на страницы в социальных сетях
Бронирование проживания
Нуждаетесь ли Вы в поселении в гостиницу?
Если да, то укажите, пожалуйста, точные дату и время вашего приезда/отъезда, категорию номера (если номер двухместный – данные участника, с которым вы собираетесь проживать)
Паспортные данные (номер, серия, кем и когда выдан)
Участие в работе Форума
Хотите ли Вы принять участие в международном журналистском фестивале и в фотовыставке, которые объединены общей темой «Я здесь живу»?
– Фоторабота или цикл фотографий;
– Видеоролик, телевизионный сюжет, документальный фильм.
Дедлайн подачи 01октября 2020 года (23:59 по московскому времени)
При положительном ответе на предыдущий вопрос укажите название проекта и его краткое описание (полная информация предоставляется через облачное хранилище)
Ссылка на работы в облачном хранилище (ЯндексДиск, Облако Mail.ru, WeTransfer, Dropbox и др.)
Хотите ли Вы выступить на практической конференции или представить собственный трансграничный проект?
Дедлайн подачи темы выступления или трансграничного проекта 28 октября 2019 года (23:59 по московскому времени)
Впишите тему Вашего выступления или название трансграничного проекта
Трансграничность проекта заключается во взаимодействии с представителями СМИ, общественных организаций, независимыми журналистами из других государств. Такая совместная работа направлена на профессиональный и культурный обмен между странами-участницами.
Просим указать выбранную тему для съемок в залах и хранилищах Государственного Эрмитажа
Обращаем Ваше внимание на то, что темы должны быть предоставлены до 01 октября 2019 года для предварительного согласования с соответствующим отделом Государственного Эрмитажа.
Откуда Вы узнали о Медиа-Форуме?
Отправляя заявку, Вы даете согласие на обработку Ваших персональных данных.
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