Roman Stories

It was my second visit to Rome which became an absolutely different experience from my first tourist trip. On our first day we were inspired by both our group leader Ashot Dzazhoyan and our Italian colleague Michele Cirillo to find something more personal and unique about Rome than just a photo in front of famous sights. Tuning my eyes to that I found: romans, their characters, passions and emotions.
When I put the following videos and photos on the internet my Russian friend asked me whether it's normal for the Romans to behave so passionate or emotional in public. This is an exact issue that really influenced me this time in Rome. Maybe the citizens will disagree with me but on my experience I found that they really live each moment with the emotions they have. And that is what I felt myself in Rome . You may feel any emotion you happen to have and Rome is the city where you can live each moment of your life the way it is.