Yuri Molodkovets
(Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
Artistic photographer of the
State Hermitage Museum
All of us have smartphones. The only thing for us to do is to talk on the language of photos. Training of your eyes is a daily labor. Every day we should go to the museums and theaters, watch good films and drink fine wine.
Yuri Molodkovets
«Monologues about Dialogue»
«The Hermitage is my main teacher»
Russian photographer Yuri Molodkovets has an account on Instagram which now is in third place in popularity of museum resources in the world. He agreed to lead a live workshop about photography for journalists and announced the launch of a new hashtag #digicultures: «I will follow this hashtag and if you make a unique work I will repost that on our page Hermitage_museum». Ashot Dzhazoyan gladly supported this idea and said that for the beginners these steps could help «to learn to photograph and not to take pictures».
In the Hermitage all the attention is drawn to masterpieces of art, but behind this all «eternal» beauty lies a dozen people who clean, wash, protect, take care and restore. Have you ever noticed them?

Author of the photos below — Yuri Molodkovets (photo series «Hidden life of the Hermitage»)
The Hermitage is not just a large Museum, it is a separate world. It is inhabited by a variety of people who represent one big community. Every day they work hard so that visitors can hook into the art.

In the picture: preparation of windows for the winter season at the exhibition of French painting in the Winter Palace.

The cellars of the Hermitage are the habitat of the famous Hermitage cats, defenders and guards of Culture and Art.

Watch the video about the Hermitage cats, prepared by the Studio «4 formats».
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