Michal Szymko

«Dialogue of cultures is a huge lecture and inspiration».
«My main achievement is that my stories inspire my readers. I show them that daily life can also be amazing. We just have to know how to watch and listen».
— How did you realize that your vocation is to be a journalist?
— I clearly remember this day. I wrote a report about a lady, which I have met in Kazakhstan. After publishing my heroine's story, I received a lot of letters, in which my readers told, that this story had changed their lives. They realized that they can live in a different way. At that moment I felt for the first time that I want to reveal to the Polish unknown but mysterious histories and places. Why? Just because all that you can't see at the first sight is the most exciting.
— Have you visited Russia before? What were your perceptions before the trip?
— Yes, I've been to Russia. I love to visit your country. Why? Because it is my biggest inspiration.
— Which problems, thorny issues do bother you as a journalist?

— What do we live for? What makes us love, hate, feel bored, be alive? Why people fear their dreams to come true? First of all, I'm interested in daily reality. And this is the main theme of my stories.

— What do you expect from upcoming "Dialogue of cultures"?

— For me it's a feast of journalism. It's a reunion of different views, of different people and this is the most interesting for me. I can't wait.
Say a few words about organizing 'Polish-Russian centre of dialogue and consent'. What it was made for?

— It's an organization, which really helps in dialogue between Russia and Poland. I love them. They do pretty much, and their work is necessary for polish community. Polish know very little about modern Russia. The center helps to change it.

— Tell us about your future project.

I want to make a report about Petersburg and Pskov, which will be posted at www.zwyklezycie.pl

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