Manuel Guijarrubia (Argentina)

«Dialogue of cultures means too much for me. It ́s my second time participating; and I think it's been one of the things that made me become who am I: a travel journalist».
«Traveling is my work, my life and my future».
Tips for travellers
— What are you expecting from the upcoming Media-Forum Dialogue of Cultures?
— I expect meeting new journalists, photographers, amazing people; friends. And I will try to translate my experience and - why not? - help someone.

— What do you think of today's digitalization tendency?

— Many things. It has changed all the rules. Now everyone has a chance. I will talk about it at the media-forum.
«Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness».

Mark Twain
— What stereotypes about Russia do you know?

—The are big, tough and like eating bears. Just kidding.

— What do you remember most about the FIFA World Cup 2018?

— It was one of the best experiences of my life. I think everyone -
football lover or not - should feel it once in their life.
What is the difference for you between working on TV and blogging? What are the advantages of being a blogger?

— I have no boss and I am responsible for my work. It was an amazing choice.
— How many countries have you visited?

— Many. Almost 50.
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