Oksana Manchuk
(Belarus, Minsk)
Photo reporter, news agency BelTA
I became a photographer about 7 years ago. This is my profession and hobby at the same time. I work as a photo reporter for national news agency of Belarus.
Oksana Manchuk

Photo project


Girls who grew up without a dad usually want to share their thoughts and feeings with them. Unfortunately sometimes such a dialogue is impossible but they still wish to be heard. That's why participants of the project "A postcard for dad" (shot by photographer Oksana Manchuk) prepared messages for their fathers which could be sent as a Birthday or Christmas cards. These cards could tell fathers about daughters and remind about their existence...
Working on the project I realized that girls have a lot in common. They know how to stand up for themselves, they are independent, they have some difficulties in communication with boys. They had a lack of love being a child. But each girl has her own story about relations with her dad. Participants of the project don't want to carry childhood problems. They just try to understand their dad and embrace them.
We asked Oksana some questions:
— Can you recommend some photography school or workshop for beginners?
— I go to Photo journalism and documentary photo Academy "Photographyca" (St. Petersburg). I would recommend photographers take this course. I plan to work on my graduate work here.
—"Russian reporter" published your project "Students' Babylon". How long had you been working on it and how did you got this idea?
— I had been working on the project for 1,5 years. I was always interested in multiculturalism. There is a district in Minsk where students from all over the world live. I realized that I wanted to tell about it.
— "Postcards for a dad" is a touching project. How did you decide to start working on it?
— About a year I had been thinking of a project which could tell about children who didn't talk to a dad. It's also my personal story. I was always sure that one day I do it. I spent much time thinking on a visualization of the project and when I found the decision I started to work immediately.
— Postcards designe was created by girls or you were working on it together?
— Each postcard was made by girls. They used the imagination and wrote and drew everything they wanted. I didn't influence on their decisions. It was their personal message to a dad.
— What kind of project you are working on at the moment?
— Now I work on a project about future. I still have to get the official permission to shoot in a closed institution. Some of project are also in a process of reserch at the moment.
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