Multicenter of Labor and Social Integration
(Vsevolozhsky district)

"We are loved here".
Special people about studying at the Vsevolozhsk Multicenter

In the city of Vsevolozhsk there is a place where people with disabilities can learn a profession and get social adaptation. People of different ages, levels of education, and status study at the Multicenter of Labor and Social Integration.
Pupils are taught new professions in practice. During the classes, students make acquaintances, communicate with each other. One of the pupils of the center, Mikhail Tarasov, managed to find here not only his vocation, but also love.
"I was very pleased to participate in this project, because it was a great opportunity to visit and see Russia with my own eyes. For me, the most interesting thing was to get to know the culture and people of Russia and the Leningrad region in real time, live. This is great, because I learned all this not from photographs, as before, but directly through personal experience and captured it in my own pictures."
Vladimir Zivojinovic
Photojournalist from Serbia
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