Natalia Korteleva and Sergey Kortelev
Vyborg Ballroom Society

(Vyborgsky district)

How the residents of Vyborg revive the traditions of city balls

In autumn, the Vyborg Ballroom Society will celebrate its seventh anniversary. The friendly team, which over the years has turned into one big family, includes about 40 people. The ballroom with columns and ancient costumes recreate the atmosphere of a bygone era, as if they are being transported into the past.

Anyone can join the society and acquaint the culture of historical dance, there are no strict restrictions on age and occupation.

The school headmaster dances next to an electrician, an yachtsman waltzes with a programmer, and a teacher of Russian language and literature dances a polka with a seafarer. At one time, even a citizen of Finland, who hardly spoke Russian, came to classes. And one lady, who already has ten grandchildren, does not miss a single lesson and performs wonderful country dancing.

"Dance is what unites us," says the founder and head of the society, Alla Vasilyeva.

Photos by: Leyla Karipova (Moscow, Russia)
Many of the people that we met during our trip were very open and friendly. Some of them prepared for our arrival. I was really impressed when the Ballroom Society danced the Polish national dance - Polonez. They also prepared other dances for other members of the crew with different nationalities. It was a very lovely gesture towards us!
Agnieszka Piasecka
Photographer from Poland