Arina Stepanova

(Kingiseppsky district)
Seventeen-year-old Arina from the city of Kingisepp is a boxer and a college student learning logistics. The girl takes part in boxing competitions together with her coach Yevgeny Kobzev, whom Arina calls her "second dad". Arina dreams of getting the title of master of sports and participating in international tournaments.
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"I was very pleased to participate in this project, because it was a great opportunity to visit and see Russia with my own eyes. For me, the most interesting thing was to get to know the culture and people of Russia and the Leningrad region in real time, live. This is great, because I learned all this not from photographs, as before, but directly through personal experience and captured it in my own pictures."
Vladimir Zivojinovic
Photojournalist from Serbia
Photo by: Vladimir Zivojinovic, Serbia