Michele Cirillo
(Italy, Rome)

Photographer, Bianco — Laboratorio permanente
In Rome there are more than 30,000 citizens in a housing emergency, without a home or awaiting eviction. More than 130,000 apartments are left empty. Italian photographer Michele Cirillo developed the project "Insulae" to show the seriousness of the problem.
— How did you get the idea to create an "Insulae" project?
— After having worked a lot abroad, I wanted to develop a project where I live. In Rome
there are many unsolved social problems, and I wanted to develop a project on the
housing emergency. I also grew up in a public house and I know this topic well. After 4
years of work "Insulae" was born, a project that has become a book, a photo report and a
documentary video.
— In your work you pay much attention to details. Is the detail a way to convey a specific state?
— In figurative photographic communication it is necessary to use symbols, metaphors and
allegories that I like to find in the photos I take. Yes, I think the details are important. In all,
but above all in the search for truth.
— How long have you worked on the project? Were there any difficulties?

— In order to best develop the photographic project I spent 4 years of documentation and a year to understand how to make it become a book. The difficulties were many, the theme of the housing emergency in Rome was treated by many photographers... and I needed to create something new. Something that made sense. Like all situations of social hardship, it was necessary to make my good intentions understood, and to approach people and situations with education and respect. Many times I returned home without a photograph, but knowing I had taken an extra step for my project.
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