Tsira Gakhokidze & Diana Mchedlidze
Film crew of a channel Obieqtivi.net
We asked Diana several questions about the Forum in St. Petersburg:
— The program of the Forum seemed more more informative or entertaining?

— Despite the fact that time spent in Saint-Petersburg was fleeting, it was fabulous. My dream came true. For example, I visited one of the most famous museums of the world — the Hermitage. I met the while world in one city. Standing in the Hermitage hall, presenting my small author's work to an audience of like-minded people, listening to colleagues, their assessment — for me this is a great lesson, one precious lecture for life. I hope it's not the only one.
— Do you have any suggestions that could contribute to the improvement of the program, both formal and informal, of the next Forums?

— Bright impressions from the trip, work with colleagues, participation in my first project, acquaintance with the legendary city impressed me so much that it is difficult to look at the work of the Forum objectively. Perhaps, in the future, if I get another «lucky ticket», I will be able to develop some specific proposals for the Forum. I will say only one thing — the «Dialogue of Cultures» should continue and really contribute to the rapprochement of different nations, that by the will of the fate turned out to be on different sides of the «geopolitical barricades».

Diana shares some photos from the Forum on her Facebook page
«First of all, I was very interested in the festival of documentary films and TV stories. As, thanks to the acquaintance with the work of my colleagues, I study, adopt their experience, technique, get to know the new heroes of competitive works. It is very important for the operator to see and feel what the author conveys».
«Dialogue of cultures» 2018
Report about the Forum created by the film crew of the channel obieqtivi.net
(correspondent — Tsira Gakhokidze, cameramen — Diana Mchedlidze).

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