Oksana Kupriyanova
(Russia, Republic of Crimea)

Author and host of a TV program
«Culture with Kupriyanova»
We asked Oksana several questions:
It was your first trip to St. Petersburg, right? What was your biggest impression of this journey?

— Yes, it was my first time in St. Petersburg and it was unforgetable meeting with one of the most beautiful cities of the world! It was love at first sight. I was impressed by literally everything! But espectially by architecture and history which is everywhere in the city, and of course the State Hermiatage Museum.

— Can you say that this forum was professionally productive for you? Didi you have a chance ta communicate with foreign colleagues?

— Forum helped me a lot professionally and broaden my horizon and contact list of interesting people all over the world. It was a pleasure to communicate with colleagoues from France, Greece, Netherlands, India, Austria etc. I still talk to some of them sometimes.

Film crew of the TV Channel «Crimea 24» with the Austrian photographer Akos Burg (in the middle)

— At the forum was widely discussed the issue of media digitization. According to you, which direction is more suitable for TV development?

— I think that TV will merge with Internet which is already already happening These two spheres will complement each other.

«dialogue of cultures» 2018
Dymanic Report about the Forum created by Oksana Kupriyanova and Aleksander Volkonsky (TV-channel «Crimea 24»)

2015: Winner in nomitation "Crimea opened for the world" at TV and cinema forum "Together"
2016: Winner of annual award "Journalist of the year" in nomination "Entertainment project"
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