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In 1976 the second auction house of CHRISTIE'S was opened in London. The first one was opened in Geneva in 1969. Nowadays London department's bidding take place twice a year offering the opportunity to see famous collections of russian art. Collectors love to buy masterpieces. Department museum exposition includes Faberge eggs, propaganda porcelain and pictures of prominent artists.
Our auctions cover few centuries of russian art history and offer growing circle of discerning collectors the best examples of russian painting and decorative and applied arts.
Alexey Tisengausen, head of russian art department CHRISTIE'S


In the beginning of the XXth century the history of russian porcelain was closely linked to the political situation. Parties' Liders and artists payed particular attention to manufacture of white lay products. State porcelain manufactury which was located in Petrograd became the main ceramics center of the country. Since 1918 famous book graphic artist Sergey Chekhonin became a head of State porcelain manufactury.
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