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Tanya and KAMAZ

On the eve of March 8, muscovite Tatyana Khusyainova does not dream of a new dress, but of a more advanced KAMAZ model. 23-year-old girl works as a truck driver. For her, this is a dream job.
With stereotypes, such as: «This is not a woman's business!» Tatyana constantly had to deal with.
She went to study to be a driver of category C. When she for the first time get in a heavy truck in a driving school, she felt: this is hers. Tatyana had no idea that becoming a driver of a multi-ton car would not be easy. The idea that a girl and KAMAZ are incompatible things firmly stuck in the minds of employers. She likes this work very much. Here she met her future husband.
The Khusyainovs now have their own small trucking company. Tatyana drives a KAMAZ truck. Her spouse - CEO. He tries not to let her have a deal with difficult repair work, KAMAZ is a complex and heavy machine. He, like many others, is sure that driving a heavy truck is not a woman's job. However, he does not deprive his wife of her beloved work and the pleasure of driving a truck.

Tatyana is the mother of a one-year-old girl. Now she works when there are orders. The grandmother babysits when Tatyana works.
Tatyana's daughter does not yet know what an unusual job her mother has.
But many of those who divide professions into male and female sometimes offend Khusyainova, expressing their thoughts on this subject. They ask if it is better for her to take care of her family, cook borshch, and not drive a multi-ton truck. Or question- why didn't you study for a prestigious specialty? You would work in a clean and warm office.
I went to university. But it brought me nothing. Only lost 4 years of life. It would be better if I immediately get in a KAMAZ. I do not like to remember this time.
Tatyana says she is not the only woman in the profession. Honestly, she does not know the drivers of the dump trucks, but truckers - yes. And one of her friend perfectly knows how to repair KAMAZ trucks.

«Actually, a family should be maintain by a man. This is happening now. And I asked to work for free, if I were paid a little, 10 thousand would be enough for me. And now my husband just doesn't mind that I do what I love».
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