JUNE, 18 -20


June, 18th Documentary Film Center (DFC) opened its door to official opening ceremony of «ITALIAN DOC FEST». Italians welcomed guests with their distinctive hospitality and emotionality. Istituto Luce Cinecittà, one of the organizators, brought 7 new documentary films to Moscow to present these fragments of italian reality. Each screening is completed with discussions and Q&A sessions with directors.
«Audience will travel to Italy through these documentaries and see the country via directors view. Movies will tell the audience about historical events («A person who hasn't changed History» Enrico Caria), hillarious stories dating back to era of rise of Italian cinema («The king of Paparazzi - a true story» Giancarlo Scarchilli, Massimo Spano)…»

Rino Sciarretta, executive director of the Festival
There are also movies with actual subjects which brings up back to the genre of «real cinema» («Normal» Adele Tulli, «Selfie» Agostino Ferrente, «Dark corner – shots to te face» Fabio Caramaschi) and films which «go beyond the schemes»: «An ox from Pallonetto» Luigi Barleta and «Atomic conversations» Felice Farina.
According to Enrico Bufalini, head of history archive, feature and documentarie cinema of Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, ...«Moscow was chosen for ITALIAN DOC FEST in relation with the strategy of realization of cultury mission, dissamination and internationalization of italian cinema, particularly documentary films which show a real life through the aesthetic prospect. It helps to develop a dialogue with new promissing markets».