Cardana 3

«Modern Couples» is a personal project of Carlotta Cardana, an italian photographer based in London, on couples who belong to the Mod scene, a subculture that originated in Britain in the very late fifties. At the time, young people started expressing themselves through clothes and music, challenging the moral of conservative post-war society. The subculture is still thriving today and Mod aesthetics are still very much in opposition to today’s mainstream society. These are people that live and breath fashion and music half-a-century old and, unlike other subcultures associated with youth rebellion, they strive for maximum elegance and formality.

While their style is what catches the eye at first, my interest in developing this project goes well beyond their appearance. Rather than documenting the subculture itself (and the different influences in the style), I’m much more interested in looking at how people construct their individual identity within a romantic relationship, how they preserve it or how they let their identities blend together to produce something larger than the sum of its parts. Consequently, I took elaborate planning out of the equation when making these pictures: the couples chose what to wear and where to be photographed. The world depicted in the pictures is entirely the world they have created for themselves.