vtorchermet1Author's name: «I am Russia»
Place and date of shooting: Ekaterinburg, Vtorchermet district; October 6, 2016

A photo story of Alyona Lebedeva and Alina Mavletova reveals the life of the outskirts of Ekaterinburg, Russian one million-person city.

Authors' notes:

Vtorchermet is a district on the outskirts of Ekaterinburg city. It a factory neighborhood that has stuck somewhere in the 2000s: dingy yellow five-storey buildings, chaotic markets, «Laskoviy mai» coming from the windows and people who seem to come from the past, too. All of them are trying diligently to maintain this atmosphere, sometimes it seems that they are behaving like that — boozing, fighting and using swear words — only to preserve the local charm. Simple, without arrogance and pathos, which is common for the natives of big cities, though a little bit aggressive, but it could be explained as a reaction to all the difficulties that they have faced.

Aside from the factory hard workers here you can meet lots of Gypsies and former prisoners. It's a strange social mixture that is why sometimes gun shots are heard, arguing together with screams are breaking the silence of the night Vtorchermet. That is the reason why people from the city center are not looking in on this area. That’s probably a mistake: although Vtorchermet is a criminal district, it is very beautiful, especially in autumn. Old shabby houses with wooden window frames, wide wooden benches, noise of the giant poplars, laughter of the yard hooligans and never ending roar of the trolleybuses, and if you look up high, you’ll see through the elastic wires and small steam of smoke of the factory’s pipes bright-blue sky. But, anyway, its locals are making that Vtorchermet we know, unforgettable for eyes and heart.