PUBLIQ Foundation at the heart of the «Dialogue of Cultures» in Russia.
21 November, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Media-Forum «Dialogue of Cultures» represents a significant platform for intercommunication between the representatives of Media from various countries. More than 370 journalists from 30 countries and 40 regions of Russia recently took part in the last «Dialogue of Cultures». Young correspondents, technologists, film-crews of TV-channels, photographers, editors and other media-experts have the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge at the Media-Forum.

The decision to participate and speak at the Media-Forum was easy to make for PUBLIQ Foundation knowing that we constantly try to build bridges between our team and media participants around the world. Whether through the organization of meetups, participation at conferences and partnerships with media labs, our multi-experienced team has been travelling all around the world (New York, Tokyo, London, etc.) to introduce PUBLIQ and be as close as possible to the various media participants wherever they are, and whatever their approach towards digital implementations is. 

I was definitely glad to be part of the Media-Forum with Harutyun Pogosyan, co-founder at PUBLIQ. I had the opportunity to make a keynote speech and introduce the PUBLIQ ecosystem and its unique implementation of blockchain into the media industry. Part of the keynote was dedicated to the explanation and demystification of blockchain technology and the disruptive impact it is having and will have on the way we transact and exchange. The second part was dedicated to the presentation of the reputation, wealth redistribution and governance mechanism we propose. The keynote was then followed by a very active Q&A mainly focused on the rights and responsibilities of the PUBLIQ community meant to safeguard the environment, but also on the unique decentralization nature of the PUBLIQ infrastructure.

New technologies have provided fantastic grounds for journalists and independent authors to express themselves, however the flip side of coin is the absence of proper wealth distribution mechanism and anti-fake news governances. The economic model of the Internet is now broken; PUBLIQ wants to fix it by harnessing the game changing power of blockchain and AI to build an environment made of fairness and accountability that combat fake news at its roots and that is incentivizing the creation  of quality over volume.


Different journalists from Russia to Bulgaria and Italy interviewed me and Harutyun about PUBLIQ’s history, background and goals. We also shared more details about our ITO (Initial Token Offering), our upcoming deliveries as well as more thorough explanations about our economic model and strategy.

One thing that positively struck me at the forum was the number of young talented journalists that were present to introduce the media platforms they have shaped with sometimes limited resources but highly inspiring will to make media better. I have a lot of admiration and respect for small group of individuals trying to improve and rethink their existing environments although the very challenge of daring to disrupt the current well established players may sometimes seem delusional. Daring and improving is what we thrive for at PUBLIQ Foundation and this is what makes us work hard to build the safest and most participative ecosystem the media industry has ever proposed. That’s why we come forward and explain that it is possible to reshape the media industry by relying on decentralized and freedom generating technologies like blockchain.

I also had the chance with Harutyun to discuss about the Freedom of Media and PUBLIQ Foundation with Harlem Desir, the previous Secretary of State for European Affairs in France and, current Representative on Freedom of Media by the Organization or Security and Cooperation in Europe. Our discussion was very interesting especially knowing that the keynote made by Harlem Desir was encouraging a safe digitization of media as well as the construction of mechanisms to combat the rise of fake news on the web.

The congress gave an excellent opportunity for PUBLIQ Foundation to reach a wider audience of journalists and other media participants that are unanimously acknowledging the powerful economic model PUBLIQ introduces and how it is going to encourage others to rethink their ecosystems. The future is full of hard work and sleeves to be rolled up but at the same time the objectives are highly important, this is our responsibility to do our very best and deliver the strongest and safest platform that the media market has ever designed.

What is PUBLIQ Foundation?

PUBLIQ offers a first-of-its-kind economic model in an industry worth $200 billion by creating a profitable and synergetic ecosystem for both writers and readers.  Authors, journalists, bloggers, and advertisers are empowered to share their perspectives without the worry of being exploited or their work be tampered with, while readers profit from high-quality content and honest reporting. By creating an open and borderless neutral system, owned and governed by its members and not by third-party intermediaries, any interference toward the credibility of the content is carefully monitored by the community, who can raise flags if the content seems unreliable. Once an article is posted on PUBLIQ, the content gets cryptographically sealed and distributed to the community, offering quality and authenticity.