Media project READ SQUARE, a new online magazine in English, was launched by the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences and international Master’s students at HSE in April 2015. Now the editorial team publishes articles on the up-to-date topics every week: the magazine is covering not only business ideas of the graduates of the Russian universities. Students from different countries also share their outlook about daily life in Russia; and consider the future perspectives of the development in different professional fields.

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Julia Kazakova, editor-in-chief of the portal

«Every one of us would be interested, how the foreigners perceive Russian media. Before moving to another country to study, the majority of students are hesitating, whether they could adopt, but after several days passed in the new cultural and language environment they are starting to take more interest in their new home. Then, when they return home, young people share the stories about from their personal experience, everything they have passed through their life in Russia, with pleasure. Some of them are moving here and find a job. But even coming back home doesn’t mean that their connection with their Russian friends would be interrupted».

страничка проекта READSQUAREStudents from HSE's School of Business Informatics have developed the technological platform for the magazine.

Media project READ SQUARE was planned as a series of interviews with international Master’s students at HSE, who would have told about their observations and researches held in the frame of their study at the university. But the most active and communicative ones formed later an editorial team of the online-media, where they could not only write about their research projects in a blog format, but also to tell about their life in Russia, which is far from that stereotype being created in the international media space.

Julia Kazakova, editor-in-chief of the portal

«Every year new students join this media project. READ SQUARE is not only a first person narration. The topics of the materials are frequently discussed in advance, the international team, which will be working together from the gathering of the information to final text  proof-reading, is formed. This is a unique opportunity that could give students more than any language courses».

portraitBuzy At Yeboah from Ghana

about his first impressions about Russia (article published on 16.08.2017)

— And as usual, your number one preferred online international students’ magazine, Read Square, with its vision of bridging gaps associated with stereotypes thereby harnessing talents from multinational setting, engaged some objective views of members of the group. The underlying idea was to ascertain their reactions so far being in Russia vis a vis their earlier perceptions and expectations.

Obviously, these recent exploits could portray one common idea that although there is no perfect society, there is more to be done by the Russians in accepting difference as no strange! In a similar vein, the world has not only been unfair in its judgment but also failed to appreciate the beautiful culture enriched with true and pure values as displayed by Russia. <Read the whole Article>

As Julia told during the practical conference of the «Dialogue of Cultures» Media-Forum held in the Hermitage Theater: «In READ SQUARE we are talking about opportunities, not about the barriers». At the moment the editorial team is working on the materials regarding the professional and enterprise potential of Russia, which are for students from different countries.

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