International photo-exhibition «Here I Live» was opened in the General Staff Building on the 22nd of November in the frame of the Media-Forum «Dialogue of Cultures».

200 works united by a common theme «Here I Live»: 30 journalists from different countries and regions of Russia told their stories about the places where they and/ or the heroes of their series live with the help of photography.

Russian photographers showed their foreign colleagues a collective image of people from distant locations of Russia, their household so little-known abroad.

Michele & Emanuela 3

The participants from Italy Michele Cirillio and Emanuela Laurenti made a big journey from Turkey to Kurdistan to follow the 5-days wedding ceremony of a Turkish guy and a Kurdish girl. «The Kurdish Bride» project is a visible metaphor pointing out, how the destinies of two small nations could be twisted. Their aim is not only to acquaint the audience with the traditions of the both countries, but to encourage all the cultures for intercommunication.

Mihov collage 3

The large-scale project of a Bulgarian photo-correspondent Nikola Mihov was shot just after the terror attacks in France. Its title «Hello and Welcome to Paris» refers to the improper phrase all the on-the-spot reports during those terrible days started with. Nikola caught the convincing faces of the correspondents full of drama, placing nearby the TV-subtitles with the pre-readied text, which all the correspondents were provided with, and which they have only to read out loud.

Exhibition venue

The Forum gathers journalists from all over the world every year because of that significant message, which lies in the works of young professionals, and that could teach us to hold a dialogue with another culture.

At the closing ceremony of the XII Media-Forum in the Hermitage Theater the above mentioned participants’ projects were announced as the most remarkable ones. The main organizer of the «Dialogue of Cultures» Ashot Dzhazoyan handled their authors some memorable gifts and expressed his hope that the friendship, which had started here, should be continued:

«Each of you will send the materials about St. Petersburg, Hermitage and «Dialogue of Cultures» to your regions and countries, and thanks to that our dialogue will be continued».  

On the last day of the Forum its guests have a sight-seeing tour that helped them to prepare the reports and documentary films about the city and its landmarks.