A thousand and a half of photos from 17 countries have been sent by our colleagues. Many of them were accompanied by a small but substantial inscription: «Thank you for the project». The most essential in this project is that photo stories were told by the generation of young journalists, who has not seen the Great War.

Most importantly, that we depict not a war that happened long ago, but we tell, using the modern language, stories about the living heroes, and then everything that was very long ago is not for journalists - it's for historians and artists. We managed to collect emotional photos from all regions of Russia. Truly it turned out from Moscow to the very outskirts! And all the stories from now and today! Stories about how our soldiers, who were marked by time and victory, returned from the war alive. It is on this principle, together with the wonderful photographer from Tyumen Sergey Rusanov, we selected 120 of the most successful works.

Our project is another message from those who were coming towards the Victory together, who shared responsibility for the destruction of fascism, to whom the ideas of a new political confrontation are strange. Sometimes, rewriting history, we forget that behind every historical event is the life of a person. Not all together, but each one - a life full of bitterness of war, deprivation and the joy of the Victory. Two weeks before the Victory, on the destroyed bridge across the Elbe near Torgau, allied forces of the USSR and the US met.

It is possible that at that very moment someone in the comfortable presidential office had already created the scenario of the forthcoming Cold War, however, the military photo correspondent sent the world a message, which till now amazes the world with the best human qualities - friendship, military honor, common victory.

Even today, at the turn of the new sanctions tension, while short-sighted politicians dividing the Victory, erecting walls of mutual distrust. Our colleagues from many countries contrasted the political day with their journalistic message, calling, if not for friendship, then for mutual respect, if not for military, then for civil honor, if not for the victory, then for general peaceful coexistence. The faces of Russians, British, Belarusian, American, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Australian, Georgian, Czech soldiers are looking at us from portraits. Faces are spiritual, fulfilled by a duty with strikingly kind eyes. When the war was over, we all became witnesses of lies about it and propaganda, contrived stories, told not by war participants. The photos of our living veterans 70 years later protect themselves and us from lying, distortions and they are turned to the future for new generations. Winners protect their Victory. Our project is another opportunity for the whole journalistic community, and just everyone who wants to see the living faces of the winners without excessive pathos and photoshop. And nothing else.

Dear colleagues, on behalf of the Mediacongress, we thank everyone for participating in the project: "Winners. From Moscow to the very outskirts! "